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Related article: Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2007 18:32:59 -0800 (PST)
From: James Wade
Subject: Face-The-Music 12This story contains gay teens in sexual situations, if you're not old
enough to be here than leave.This story is fictional, and it is a coincidence if you see yourself or
anyone you know in here.Face-The-Music Chapter 12By Jamie WadeThere we were, me and Aaron, standing on stage in front of a lot of people,
ready about to sing. We had made it this far, so we couldn't turn back
now. We just had to let the music flow through us and hope for the
best. Then I gave Aaron the word, and he told the guy to turn on the
music. Then I suddenly heard the music start, ok here we go
five...six...seven...eight...Ok, stop! You guys are probably what the heck is going on, well just hold
on, lets go back to where we were. Ok, so after Neil collapsed in my arms,
I screamed for Aaron to come and help me, and with no time at all, we got
Neil onto the couch."Holy shit, what happened to him?""It was Percy's dad, I don't know who long ago, but I just found him like
this a couple seconds ago.""Ok, what do we do now?""I don't know what you guys are gonna do, but I'm going over to Percy's
house. Why don't you guys call the cops.""Ok, but Josh you shouldn't go alone.""Ok, come on Aaron, lets go." And with that, Aaron and me raced over to
Percy's house while the rest of the gang stayed with Neil and called the
cops.By the time Aaron and me got to Percy's house, there were more than a dozen
cop cars surrounding the house, I guess the word got out. It turns out that
Percy's dad was long gone, but the cops believe that he is still in town
somewhere, with Percy too. Aaron and me spotted a cop, so we decided to ask
some questions."Um, excuse me officer, but do you teen lolita young porn have any idea as to where Mr. Elliot has
gone to?""Well son, we are looking into it, so there is no need to worry. very young latina lolitas
So you and
your friend can just move on, this is a restricted area.""No sir you don't understand. My name is Josh Arlington and I was the one
who found Neil, the guy who was here tonight, and he is at my house.""Oh, I'm sorry young man. Well, we haven't located Mr. Elliot yet, but rest
assure that we will find him. You and your friends are very safe, don't
worry." Then he got a call on his walkie-talkie, and a strange expression
came on his face. "We need to get over to your house now Mr. Arlington, it
seems there was an incident."And with that, we sped off to my house, and when we got there, there were
just as many cop cars as there were at Percy's house. What the heck is
going on now, what more could go wrong today? We entered the house, and it
was a big mess. Things were thrown about, and when we went into the living
room, my friends weren't really looking good. Teresa saw me and ran up to
me and gave me a big hug."Rachel's gone." That was probably the worst thing that I have ever heard,
my heart skipped a couple of beats."What do you mean she's gone?""Well, Wes, Percy's brother, came by here and took her. We tried to stop
him, but his dad was with him too, now they have both Percy and Rachel.""Shit. Where's Neil, did he get to the hospital ok?""Yeah, Yeah, Neil's alright. Kylie went with him, we didn't want him to be
alone."I then pulled Teresa and Aaron aside, to whisper to them."Ok, we have got to do something. The police think that Percy's dad might
still be in town. I think that he might be on the outskirts of town, I know
that he owns a little cabin in the woods, I don't think the police know
about it.""So what are you lolita models bbs portal
saying, you want to go out there by ourselves and get them
back?""Well, what choice do we have? I have to know that Rachel will be all
right, and Percy for Neil's sake. If we tell the police, they'll just tell
us to stay here while they take care of things, but I just can't do
that. So what do you guys say?""Wait, so let me get this straight? You want to go against Percy's dad and
his brother on your own, to rescue Rachel and Percy, even though we may get
killed?""Listen, if you're not up to it I understand, but I'm going.""No, no Josh, I'm up for it, how about you Aaron?""Well, if Josh is going, I'm youngest lolita pinay model going to. Somebody's got to protect you.""Ok, good. So let's just sneak out and head for Breaker's wood, c'mon, lets
go."So Aaron, Teresa, and me headed out to Breaker's wood, making sure the cops
didn't see us, good, they didn't. So we were on our way, driving through
the snow, when a deer suddenly jumped out in the middle of the road. I
slammed on the brakes, and the car swerved on the icy road right into a
ditch. After that, everything went black and I didn't wake up for a good
while.The smell of fresh brewed coffee woke me up, and I realized that I was
lying in a bed, in a small cottage. I heard voices, and recognized one of
them to be Aaron, and the other one I couldn't recognize. Then I finally
came to, and could hear them clearly."So you guys are looking for a couple of fugitives are you?""Yeah, they are up here somewhere, probably secluded.""Well, I think there is a little cottage way back in here, I think I saw a
car going that way earlier.""Hey, look who's up. How'd you sleep babe?""I'm fine, who's this?""Oh, this is Charlie, he found us in the ditch, it looks like you hit your
head on the wheel a little hard, so he got his dad and brought us here.""Oh, thanks, how old are you Charlie, you don't look older than 15?""Well, yeah, I'm 15 exactly, but I'm strong for my age. So your friends
tell me you're looking for some people back in these woods. I might know
where they are, but it is a good ways back there. We can take my dad's car,
and I'll show you were it is. But first, let us get some supplies." And
with that, he showed us to the basement, where there was a very large gun
collection, and pretty good too."So what do you guys need, we have about everything you need. Me and my dad
are big hunters, so we have a lot of guns.""Wow! I think this might help. We better get going though, I don't know
what they're doing to Rachel and Percy.""Yeah, lets go."So Aaron, Teresa, Charlie, and me drove off towards the cabin where Wes and
his dad have Rachel and Percy. It wasn't that far from Charlie's cabin, but
it seemed like it with all the snow that was falling from the sky. Then we
saw off in the distance a little cabin."Ok, why don't naked lolita pic post
you turn off the lights, and park a little ways away, and
will try and cover the car so they don't see us.""Ok, lets park it right here."Once we parked the car, we all got out of the car slowly, and made our way
to the house. Then suddenly we saw someone come out of the house, it was
Percy's dad, and he had a trash bag. He put it in the trashcan, and then
looked out into the woods where we were, stood there for a second, and then
went back into the cabin.Then inch by inch, all four of us creped up to the cabin, and peeked into
the window. We then saw Rachel and Percy tied up, sitting in a chair. It
didn't look like they were hurt, so that was good."Ok, here's what we should do. Someone should cause a distraction so to get
them out of the house, while the rest of us go inside and get Rachel and
Percy.""Ok, but who's going to cause the distraction?""I'll do it.""You sure babe? I don't want you to get hurt.""Don't worry Josh, I'll be alright.""Ok, just be careful." Then I gave Aaron a quick peck on the lips, and he
took off. We hid by the window, while Aaron threw a snowball at the door,
and both Percy's dad and his brother came out."Hey meatheads. Why don't you come and catch me if you can." And he took
off running with Percy's dad and Wes right behind him.Then Teresa, Charlie, and me made our way into the cabin, and to Rachel and
Percy."Man am I glad to see you guys. My dad and bother have gone crazy, untie us
already.""Yeah, I'm ready to blow this joint, please lets get out of here.""So what exactly happened to you guys anyways?""Well, me and Neil were asleep when I heard the door slam loudly, and then
a few seconds later, my dad came barging into my room. He kept yelling at
me for turning him into the cops, and then he came at me. Neil tried to
fight him off, but my dad sent him down the stairs."Then just as we had untied Rachel and Percy, Wes came into the cabin, and
saw us."Hey, what the hell are you guys doing in here?" Charlie then pulled out
his gun, and then aimed and fired a shot into his arm, and Wes fell to the
ground holding his arm.All six of us then ran out of the house, and suddenly I got a really bad
feeling in my stomach, cause that was when I heard Aaron."Josh, help me."I raced to the direction of Aaron's voice, but suddenly stopped when I saw
Percy's dad standing over a cliff."One more step, and your little boyfriend takes a plunge to his death.""Ok Mr. Elliot, just stay calm, we can youngest lolita pinay model talk about this.""I don't think so, my life is over, and I have no lolita image board free other choice.""Come on, that's not true.""Yeah it is.""Well, that was your choice if I recall. Plus we have Rachel and Percy
now.""Well, sorry son, but your little boyfriend is my last shot."Then I heard some footsteps behind me, and I Charlie and Percy with guns
pointed at Mr. Elliot."Dad, just step away from the ledge, and put your gun down.""Yeah right you little fag. Nothing you do will make me do that." Then he
loaded his gun, and aimed it down the cliff. Then as he was about to fire,
Charlie fired his gun, and Mr. Elliot fell down the cliff. Then I raced
over to the cliff, looked down, and saw Aaron hanging on to a tree branch."Baby, are you granpa porn lolita movies ok?""Yeah, just get me up already." I pulled Aaron up, covered him with kisses,
and then we made our way back to the cabin, where a ton of cop cars
were. We had to answer some questions, and from what they heard, they
weren't going to charge Charlie for murder. Kylie showed up too, which was
good, and she told us that Neil was doing just fine. Then a couple of cops
started questioning Kylie and Teresa."So ladies, how exactly did you two get involved with all of this?""Well, Josh is my cousin and her best friend.""So neither of these guys are your boyfriends?""No, wait, are you guys really cops?""Well, sort of. We are cops in training, but someday me and my partner will
be real cops.""Yeah, so how about we get your guy's phone number, just in case we need to
follow up on you guys.""Yeah, sure, what do you say Kylie?""Sounds good to me."So after all of this drama, we still had to do the whole singing thing,
which I was all ready for. It's funny that when you go through a life or
death experience, stage fright doesn't exactly matter anymore. Neil still
wasn't in the best shape, but he was good enough to go up on stage, he just
had to sit in a chair. And it turns out that Brittany, Percy's old partner,
was shipped off to boarding school because of the fights she got into at
school.So the singing started, with the solo part first. There were pretty good
singers, but when Kylie went up there; nobody else compared to here, it was
clear whom the winner would be. Then they started with the couples, and
Neil and Percy went. They were pretty good, for a guy with a bad leg
sitting in a chair, Neil did cutie child lolitas nn
well. Then it was our turn, and Aaron and me
stepped on to the stage. The music started, and the words started coming
out of our mouths. I was surprised as to how good we were, considering we
hadn't practiced at all. Well, soon it was all over and one with, and then
they had the awards. So I guess you figured out the winners, the solo one
went to Kylie of course, and the couples one went to... Neil and Percy,
dun, dun, dun. I guess being a cripple singer got some pity votes or
whatever, preteen lolita russian
so they one. Just kidding, they one fair japanese lolitas gallery galleries and square, they were
pretty good. But I guess it's true what they say, you got to face the music
sometime.The EndSo 10 years later, Aaron and me are still going strong. We may not be
famous singers, but we are happy with what we do. Aaron actually became a
cop. After the whole incident with him almost dying, I guess he figured he
wanted to help other people, plus he looks totally hot in his cop
uniform. Me, I started up my own design company with Kylie and Teresa, and
we are actually pretty good. We were in Design's Weekly, were we had a full
coverage of our company.Teresa and Kylie went out on a date with those two cops, and guess what,
they both got married to them, it was a double lolita young ls magazine wedding. It was amazing, and
they both are expecting their first child sometime next month.Rachel, after Charlie had saved her, actually started dating him. They are
still dating to this day, and it looks like it might become
permanent. Charlie actually told me that he bought Rachel a ring, yay, my
sister is going to go get married, and she couldn't have found a better
guy.Neil and Percy are still together, after the whole debacle with Percy's
dad, their relationship came out of it stronger than ever. After they won
the singing competition, they used their money to invest in a record deal,
which they got. They have become very popular, and every time we see them,
screaming fans come a running.
Sorry for the month long wait, Christmas was more time consuming than I
thought it would be. But here you go, the last chapter, and I hope you guys
have enjoyed reading this story. Thank you guys for all of your replies,
and thanks for putting up with my story, even though it was my first. I
have been working on a second story called One Night Stand, but haven't
gotten around to writing it. I'm not sure were it will end up, but my guess
is the college section, so be on the look out. Once again thanks and I
appreciate feedback at Lafiat16yahoo.com
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